Do you have a vacation home that needs your personal touch before you move in? We've got designers that can have it ready to enjoy for your first holiday while you continue your work abroad. Or simply moving apartments? We've got an easy relocate and transfer option to gsd (get sh*t done) while you keep working. 

Here's a roundup of our three tiers of service offerings.

How settled do you want to be? 

bachelor(ette) pad setup, $500+

  • Shipping your goods? We'll receive your boxes, inspect them for damage during shipping, unpack them, and get the contents set up for you!
  • We initiate (or transfer) all of your utilities and put them on recurring billing cycles so that you don't have to remember to pay your trash bill. Utilities include: gas, power, water, waste management, and others (see "family in the 'burbs splurge for landscaping, pest control, and other utilities you'll want set up before you move in).
  • Who can live without internet for 5 seconds? Not us! We'll not only wait out the five hour window your internet provider gives you for installation, we'll make sure they do it right, and that you're good to go with a seamless billing cycle so that you're never without THE INTERNET. Same goes for tv/cable. 

family in the 'burbs splurge, $1,500+

  • All of the above, plus:
  • Think of us as "boots on the ground" in your new city. We'll manage your home from open of escrow until you are settled in, overseeing the contractor's c of o inspection, property appraisals, realtor meetings, contingency inspections, appliance deliveries, and more. We'll be there when you can't. 
  • Maintenance services such as gardener/landscaper, house keeper, pest control, and more.
  • Appliance deliveries and setups, warranty registrations, etc.
  • Since we're friends with your realtor, we'll do our best to tick as much off the list as we can during escrow - before you even have your keys in hand.
  • Who wants to spend their first moments in their new home "moving in"? Not us! We'll make your first weekend at your new home feel like you're moving into your own (permanent!) AirBNB with food in the fridge, fresh flowers throughout, laundered new linens for the beds, towels for the bathrooms, and more, so that you can spend your first weekend in your new home down by the beach instead of unpacking boxes and washing sheets.

estate management, starting at $5,000

  • All of the above, plus:
  • There is never a better time for design and construction projects than before you actually move in. We can put you in touch with top local designers and manage your construction project while you enjoy that family vacay. 
  • We are here for the long haul - think of us as your on-call house doctors. We'll make sure your home is running like a well-oiled machine even though you're only here for summers by the beach. Friends dropping in on their lax layover? With 48 hours notice, we can have your home in ship shape for house guests, last minute parties, and more so that you don't have to worry about making the trip out here to supervise.